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Jan. 31st, 2008 | 08:29 pm

egobone: études hyperboliques 1-23

étude 1
étude 2
étude 3
étude 4
étude 5
étude 6
étude 7
étude 8
étude 9
étude 10
étude 11
étude 12
étude 13
étude 14
étude 15
étude 16
étude 17
étude 18
étude 19
étude 20
étude 21
(download tracks: right click, ›save target as‹)

total playing time: 51:25 format: mp3, 192 kBit/s
recorded & mixed by k. pfeiffer in berlin, october 2001 - february 2002
published by polybone records

cleaning the vault: here are my "early recordings". there's quite a bunch of stuff i recorded before, but these are the earliest i decided "worth" publishing.
since those are indeed "études", i present them here without too much polishing, warts and all: i even left in the beep from the minidisc recorder at the end of two or three tracks. the digital production was entirely done with "sound edit", a nice little programm, which unfortunately didn't get updated for os x.
(i doubt my girlfriend listened consciously to these pieces - so, no quote from the lady this time).

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Jan. 31st, 2008 | 08:25 pm

egobone: shadel ep

01 left out let be
02 dimm under
03 hushing curtainers
04 thinking at smallsite
05 slomo woolshake
06 stoikrêverieee
(download tracks: right click, ›save target as‹)

total running time: 13:33, format: mp3, 192 kBit/s
recorded & mixed by kai pfeiffer 23.10.2006 in berlin
published by polybone records

well, ok ... since i fancy myself amassing tracks for a growing list of "LPs", "EPs" or "Mini Albums", with each of them missing a last little track here, a slight remixing there, a cover, or even simply a decent track title that refuses to hop into my mind ... so, here's the latest thing i recorded, yesterday evening, and mixed it right away, so it doesn't fall into this loop outside the time continuum, like my other recordings apparently did.

my girlfriend hates these tracks, mostly because of the slow, hesitating, dreamy plucking (some blisters on my right hand's fingers, due to overplaying the day before, obviously had some influence on the esthetical decisions for these tracks). "at least you don't fuck that way", was her most positive comment.

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Jan. 31st, 2008 | 08:11 pm

egobone: »me and greybird watch the swimming land«
(download tracks: right click, ›save target as‹)

be warned: this humble little musical piecette weighs 43.6 mb and plays for 47:40 minutes.

recorded and mixed in berlin, most likely somtime near the end of the year 2004.

published by polybone records 2006

the working title of this track was "MonsterDrone", presumably referring to it's shameless length. but the track feels, i think, not really monstruous. it is quite dense, though. but monstruous drone music would be phill niblocks thick, bombastic sonic blocks, or charlemagne palestines physically exhausting solo piano workouts. or lamonte youngs really long pieces.
originally, the track was about 65 minutes, but the first 18 minutes luckily could get cut to get rid of some annoying parts. i let this thing lay in a shady corner for quite a while. when i finally listened to it again, i was surprised that it didn't bore me to hear it through several times. which probably isn't a strength of the track, but a weakness of my mind. do i suddenly have such a long attention span, or is it early dementia?

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Jan. 31st, 2008 | 08:04 pm

egobone: »nullthreat«
(download track: right click, ›save target as‹)

recorded 2004 in berlin

polybone records, 2006

(this track was made from elements of some music i did for an audiovisual piece by a trio called "angstrom": in that, i did the music, while two other guys would mix and manipulate videoclips in real time - vjing, so to say. one was a sort of "video activist" & vj, the other an avant-comics artist, making clips from his drawings. we played two concerts and recorded the aforementioned li'l movie piece. but the energy of my dear colleagues petered out before we got any good - we had some interresting moments which could maybe be called "promising", but anyway, since i fell out severely with my fellow draughtsman a while ago, for all things audiovisual i rely on myself now, which i did before, and which plays to my "control freak" urges. the interaction, while not always pleasing me in the results, was a worthwhile experience in itself, though ...
i called the track "nullthreat" because the "movie" was called "threat", and now the trio's state is "null" - and, i don't think it sounds really threatening in its new version, so that's "null", too.
it is a bit dark, though. that bothers me slightly for my first official release, being currently more into the bright, light sides of existence - but my mind changes directions every 22 minutes, and this track is by no means representative, anyway ... i guess nothing is ...)

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polybone contact information

Jan. 30th, 2008 | 12:39 am

polybone records


polybone records is maintained by kai pfeiffer

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